Athletic Performance : Testimonials

Interview With AP Athlete Quincy Pondexter

"For the past 2 offseason's I have worked with David at athletic performance. My time there has been great, since day 1 I knew I was in good hands. David pointed out one of me weaknesses within 10 mins of our workout. It was something that I need to be strong to perform at a high level. That is the kind of thing they can provide at AP. They will not only get you in shape and get you stronger they will make sure you are strong for exactly what you need for your specific sport. I noticed a big difference in my next season, I was in the best shape of my life, I was bigger faster and stronger. Someone once asked me how I liked working out at AP and if it helped me at all. I simply responded, "I worked out here and went on to have the best season of my life, what do you think"

-Tyson Perez
Houston Astros

"Athletic Performance is the place where I go to get sport specific training in Fresno. Dave and Josh have helped me get into the best possible shape for when my season comes around. What I like about this place is that they listen to the athletes and how their body's are feeling. Then they construct a plan to get the best out of the athlete during each and every lift or running session. They work in tandem to make the athlete faster and stronger. I would highly recommend Athletic Performance for any age athlete, from kids to professionals. They will make a plan that fits you as an athlete and it's up to you to execute it. I will continue training at AP when I am back in Fresno because AP is my home."

-Kenny Wiggins
San Diego Chargers

"Dave and Josh significantly helped me improve my athletic performance when preparing for Fresno State's football pro day in 2015. After the 2014 football season, I had surgery on my shoulder which is not ideal when preparing for the NFL. Dave and the rehab staff were key factors in strengthening that shoulder so that I could be 100% by pro day. They were very conscientious of my injury and made sure to strengthen it slowly while achieving a good workout. Not only did they help with my shoulder recovery but they also increased my speed and agility. Josh is an expert when it comes to speed training as he and Dave were able to teach me the specific techniques required to run the pro day drills. As far as football training they also had retired and current NFL players to help with position specific fundamentals. Coach Pat Hill and Andrew Jackson provided some very useful tips when it came to the NFL. In all I was very lucky that a friend of mine recommended me to work with Dave and his great staff. They helped me reach my goals as a football player, as I was able to be selected in the 2015 NFL draft. Without the help of Dave my future could have ended up very differently, and not for the better. So I am very appreciative and thankful for Dave, Josh, Coach Hill, Andrew and everyone at Athletic Performance."

-Cody Wichmann
St. Louis Rams
Fresno State

"I am happy to say that one of the best decisions I have made for the Hanford High Football program was teaming up with Athletic Performance of Fresno. In the past we have used other strength and conditioning programs. Dave and Cameron's workout was different from anything that we have done before. Our athletes were challenged every day. Throughout the offseason they never hit a plateau and the results were off the charts. Our coaches, players, and their families noticed a dramatic change in each of the players physic as well as their speed, explosiveness and flexibility. Anytime I had a question, Dave was there to answer it in detail. I can't wait to see the results of the hard work this season and look forward to the continued development of our players in the future. I highly recommend Athletic Performance to any athlete who wants to perform at the highest level!"

-Josh Young
Head Football Coach
Hanford High School

“Cameron and Dave really helped me prepare for my first NFL training camp with the Atlanta Falcons. Athletic performance provided a great environment to train in because it was intense, competitive, and the workouts translated to on the field strength. These guys have a great understanding of how to train athletes to maximize performance. I was able to put on noticeable muscle mass in the four months I was training at Athletic Performance and maintained a great conditioning level. I really enjoyed the small group training environment because it was challenging everyday and the workouts were tailored to meet each of our individual needs. The workouts were very detailed in terms of targeting weaknesses and gaining functional mobility and strength. Thanks Cameron and Dave.”

-Andrew Jackson
Atlanta Falcons
Fresno State

"If you are looking for intense and technique oriented training I recommend you try Athletic Performance Fresno. AP trainers goal is to make you a stronger, faster, healthy, even healthy looking, and explosive individual. Training at AP, I recognized growths in my numbers in the gym, running, and all over my body. Each day I trained at AP I looked better and felt better. While training at AP I learned the correct and very affective techniques that helped me become an overall sound athlete in the weight room and on the football field. Also, the techniques and body positions I learned from AP made a stronger and HEALTHY athlete which is very important. When doing intense training your body is very susceptible to injuries and trainers at AP do a great job of preventing them. When you go home sore it WILL NOT be because of nagging injuries but it WILL be because you trained HARD the RIGHT way. The individual attention on each athlete Cameron and Dave gives was critical to me becoming a better athlete. Everyone that trains at AP are given the full attention they need. The atmosphere there is very welcoming and perfect for training. AP trainers make sure that each and every day of training you leave a better but healthy athlete. I'm everyone who trains would appreciate that because I do. If you want to perform at the highest level, be healthy, look your best, GO to Athletic Performance and they will help you get it done. I have been in plenty of training systems and trust me when I say ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE WORKS."

-Desia Dunn
San Jose Sabercats
Fresno State

"Fitness and Conditioning for any athlete is a major factor in determining just how good an athlete can be in his or her chosen sport. Finding and choosing the best program for an athlete can sometimes be a crapshoot and a guessing game for any young athlete who wants to take it to the next level. You really don't have to look any further. Athletic Performance has been a game changer for my sons. Dave and Cameron have taken their years of experience and training, and have created a training facility and programs that are second to none. They focus on an individual athletes needs, imbalances and weaknesses, and tailor very aggressive programs for the individual athletes to maximize their potential. Specifically for my son Kerr, Athletic Performance has, in 4 short months, drastically improved his flexibility and strength in every category, added 18 lbs, of very GOOD body mass, and improved his speed and times in every agility and explosive test being done at the next level. I cannot overemphasize the term DRASTIC IMPROVEMENTS. The results have far exceeded anything I have seen before in my two sons and it is all due to the entire package that Athletic Performance brings to the table."

-Brian Taubler
Ian Taubler - UCLA
Kerr Taubler - Yale

"I had the pleasure of working with David at Athletic Performance Training for the first time this past offseason. And I can honestly say in the short time he worked with me I took major steps toward my goal. We worked on explosion and pure strength. And it definitely paid off! I was in the running for best defensive player on the team because I was flying all over the outfield making great plays. And offensively I saw gains as it was effortless to drive the baseball all over the ballpark. I'm looking forward to getting after it this off season so I can continue to get closer to playing in the major leagues."

-David Rohm
Atlanta Braves Farm Hand

"Athletic Performance provides great one on one training. They work with you directly and write a specific workout for your needs. I have gained so much core strength since I have started training. I am a professional track and field athletic and Dave has stepped up my strength to a whole new level. I walked in there with imbalances and weakness and Dave targeted those areas and built on them. I am now able to handle and much stronger work load on the track and stay injury free. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to seriously improve themselves in their sports."

-Kyle Alcorn
Arizona State NCAA Steeple Chase Champion
2012 Olympic Team

"I worked out at Athletic Performance Training for 2 years. In that short time I went from playing small town Fresno Rugby to being picked up by the US National Rugby Team. Coaches compliment me all the time on my first and second step explosiveness, especially for a guy my size. Never had that step until I started working with Dave. If you are an athlete that is serious about your game and don't mind putting in some hard work, I highly suggest this facility! Whatever your fitness goals, Dave will get you where you want to be."

-Jason Guerts

"Having played collegiate softball, I was looking for more than the normal gym experience. I needed a workout that challenged me to push myself for results the way I did as an athlete, but I found it hard to do on my own. Then I came across a flyer for the intense Rapid Results boot camp workouts at Athletic Performance Training. This has been the closest thing I have found to the completive training atmosphere of college sports. David and Cameron push you during the boot camp the same way my coach did back in college. In just a few short weeks I can already feel the difference. David and Cameron's combination of intense workouts and one on one motivation has me looking forward to going to the gym! Something I have never been able to achieve working out on my own!"

-Katrina Munoz