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Sports Performance

Athletic Performance is the Central Valley's top training facility for athletes invested in taking their performance to the next level through experienced coaching and attention to detail.

Kids Classes

The goal of our kids program is to introduce young athletes into the world of athletic training in a fun, safe, and professional environment. The trainers work with each prospect to help them learn and understand what it takes to succeed both on and off the playing field. The tools that they will learn include:

  • General terminology
  • Proper diet and what that does for your body
  • Accountability
  • Core strength, flexibility, and the benefits of stretching
  • Speed/conditioning/plyometric basics
  • Proper weight lifting technique using body weight

All of our kids get the rare chance to work next to and with athletes that are at the top of their game. Seeing the work that D1 college players and professionals put in daily allows our younger athletes to realize just what it takes to be successful.

Our goal is to educate young athletes. By working on form, technique, flexibility, and overall athleticism we give our athletes the building blocks they need to be successful as they enter into competitive sports.


  • Proper diet and what that does for your body
  • Flexibility and the benefits of stretching
  • General terminology
  • Basic weight lifting technique using body weight

High School and College

The Athletic Performance high school and college is geared to prepare athletes for the transition into high school and competitive sports. This program builds on the basic principles of athletic movements and mechanics by fine tuning our athletes form and technique while introducing them to explosive lifts and incorporating dynamic strength training exercises that continue to keep the body guessing.

Strength Training fundamentals

  • Proper form
  • Sport specific lifts
  • Targeted goals

Speed/Acceleration skills

  • Learning to accelerate properly
  • Getting the upper body to work with the lower body

Flexibility/range of motion

  • Static flexibility
  • Change of direction


  • Single and double leg movements
  • Entry level jumps/skips

Pro Training

Our pro training program takes college athletes and turns them into professionals. This program gives its athletes the edge that they need to outperform their competition, taking players from the bench to the spotlight in as short as an off season. Highlights include:

  • Position specific drills
  • Advanced footwork/agility/speed drills
  • Sport specific weight training
  • Advanced plyometrics
  • Diet/meal planning
  • Combine training
  • Competitive atmosphere. Train with college athletes, Olympians, Professional athletes from the NFL, MLB and various other professional sports.

"Iron sharpens iron." -49ers coach Jim Harbaugh