Athletic Performance : Gym History
AP Facility 2001 to 2004
2001 - 2004
AP Facility 2004 to 2006
2004 - 2006
AP Facility 2006 to 2009
2006 - 2009
AP Facility 2009 to 2010
2009 - 2010
AP Facility 2010 to 2012
2010 - 2013
AP Facility 2013 to Present
2013 - Present
Athletic Performance was started the way most small businesses do, in a garage in Hanford, Ca back in 2001. David Standifer started AP after getting hurt playing football in college and wanted to continue being around athletes. In 2005 David relocated to Fresno, Ca and opened up his first warehouse gym with just a squat rack, a bench and some weights. Fast forward and now AP is in an 9,000 sq. ft state of the art facility in Clovis, Ca. David has also brought in former NFL and Fresno State standout Cameron Worrell as a partner. There is one thing that has stayed the same over the years, the fact that no other gym in the central valley gets their clients to where they want to be faster, PERIOD! Whether you are a football player, mom, or just a weekend warrior, Athletic Performance will get you to your goals and beyond faster than you ever thought possible!