Athletic Performance : AP Fitness Class

AP Fitness Class

For clients that expects faster results in personalized small group that will give you more energy and confidence by attention to detail.

"I have nothing but great things to say about AP and it's trainers. At first, I was nervous about working out at a place surrounded by athletes but the staff and members made me feel comfortable and confident that I would do well. Over the course of the past year and a half, I've lost 35 pounds, run a marathon, completed a Tough Mudder and 2 Spartan races and am stronger than I've ever been. The staff pushes me to further than I could ever go alone. I'm incredibly thankful for their knowledge and support. The workouts are hard and during them I may question my sanity, but I'm always glad I've done it afterwords and I keep coming back."

"My training time with Athletic Performance has truly been life changing for me. When I walked in the door earlier this year it became more than I ever expected. I was inspired by my co-worker Vicky who had been attending for two years prior, and I aspired to have the muscle tone, the small waste, and tight abs that she had. I had tried the gym on my own and liked it, but wanted to build muscle and knew I needed a personal trainer. Vicky explained to me the regimen and the cost and without too much thought I decided to try it out. The staff at Athletic Performance were welcoming, conscientious regarding proper lifting techniques, and always assessing your ability to push harder. I could see immediately from my initial visit that the staff and members meant business. When you walk in, you see sleds, large tires, jump ropes, weights, and large chains wrapped around other members who are lifting massive weights. You immediately feel pumped, and ready to work out hard core; it just has that vibe. For those of you who might be intimidated, I couldn't even do a lunge on the first day, but after two weeks I was lunging down the aisle back and forth. While I do not wear chains or lift the massive weights that some members do, I've definitely come a long way from that initial visit. I've noticed that whether you are a female or male, with Athletic Performance's workouts you quickly adjust and build muscle. As I've mentioned, working out three times a week has become priority over any other extracurricular activity, and I do not miss a session. It has paid off and I have lost 3 dress sizes, and six inches not to mention the incredible muscle tone that has been non existent in the past. I don't say this arrogantly, but I have arms to show off now and muscle definition on my legs that I never thought possible. How can I ever thank you, Dave Standifer, Cameron Worrell, Ryan, and Joe, together we have improved my confidence, my muscle tone, stamina, endurance through hard work and dedication and I am constantly recommending you to each of my family members and friends, it has been a life changing experience."

-Vanessa Delgado