Athletic Performance : Combine Training

NFL Combine and NFL Pro-Day Training

Cody Whicmann Rams

Our combine and pro-day training program prepares an athlete by providing rapid results and significant gains in speed, agility, strength, and flexibility that cannot be matched by any other training facility. The program is tailored to each athlete ensuring they get the most out of each and every workout.

Under the guidance of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach David Standifer, athletes receive individualized workouts, custom nutritional plans and chiropractic therapy, all of which allows them to train harder and recover faster. Recovering faster than the competition gives our athletes an edge, allowing them to train longer and with more intensity, generating attention-getting results on the field.

Any athlete can be big, strong, or fast. But the true testament of an athlete is how those attributes translate to the specific combine events. Just this year The AP team produced the fastest 40 time for any line man in the 2015 pre-draft process. Cody Wichmann went from a 5.21 to a 4.92 in just 8 weeks with us. He went from a relative unknown to the fastest lineman in a matter of weeks. David Standifer has teamed up with speed and agility coach Josh Norman and Former NFL players and coaches to provide our athletes with coaching and conditioning on proper bio-mechanics and event specific techniques that is 2nd to none. This comprehensive approach puts NFL hopefuls in a position to have the performance of a lifetime. AP delivers the team-work, preparation, and coaching needed to turn what would be an average pro day or combine performance into one that turns heads and forces scouts to take notice.

If you're a collegiate athlete looking to take your athletic career to the next level, Athletic Performance will get you there with faster and more impressive results than any other training facility.

Real Results

Athlete #1
Before After
Weight 216 lbs 204 lbs
% Body Fat 8.5% 4.2%
40 Yard Dash 4.62 sec 4.50 sec
Broad Jump 9' 4" 10'
Vertical Jump 34.5" 40.0"
Bench Press 225 lbs x 18 225 lbs x 25
Athlete #2
Before After
Weight 178 lbs 175 lbs
% Body Fat 10% 6%
40 Yard Dash 4.42 sec 4.34 sec
Broad Jump 9' 6" 10'
Vertical Jump 32.0" 37.5"
Bench Press 225 lbs x 11 225 lbs x 16
Athlete #3
Before After
Weight 198 lbs 188 lbs
% Body Fat 8% 5%
40 Yard Dash 4.46 sec 4.35 sec
Broad Jump N/A N/A
Vertical Jump 33.0" 37.0"
Bench Press 225 lbs x 17 225 lbs x 20
Athlete #4
Before After
Weight 276 lbs 268 lbs
% Body Fat 11% 7%
40 Yard Dash 4.67 sec 4.53 sec
Broad Jump 10' 1" 10' 7"
Vertical Jump 32.0" 37.0"
Bench Press 345 lbs 405 lb
Athlete #5
Before After
Weight 320 lbs 301 lbs
% Body Fat 26% 18%
40 Yard Dash 5.35 sec 5.15 sec
Broad Jump 8' 8" 9' 9"
Vertical Jump 27.5" 30.5"
Bench Press 325 lbs 365 lbs

Sample Daily Schedule

9AM: Lower Body Strength & Muscle Imbalance Training

During the workouts, AP staff will focus the training with specific exercises to help improve explosiveness in the combine and on the field. Muscle imbalance training will consist of testing athletes to see where their muscle weaknesses are and addressing them to improve overall performance.

11AM: Speed & Combine Training

AP staff will teach proper speed mechanics as well as emphasize the importance of proper leg drive during the acceleration phase of testing. We will also film all running sessions so they can be reviewed with the athlete to correct mistakes.

3PM: Position Specific Drills

Players will work with an experienced position coach to refine skills specific to their position. This time is used to develop individual position techniques, teach general football concepts utilized at the pro level, and build a football-specific conditioning base. These sessions prepare athletes for the individual on-field position drills, "white-board" coach's interviews, and grueling physical demands of the combine.

6PM: Media Training / Financial Planning

With 17 years of experience as a newscaster and sports anchor, George Takata has vast knowledge of the skills necessary to effectively communicate and interact with the media. With his guidance, our media training sessions will help players develop proper communication skills and learn how to use the media to develop their personal "brand". He will also share tricks-of-the-trade to avoid common mistakes made by many professional athletes.

Additionally, with such a high number of NFL players going bankrupt within three years of leaving the game, we feel it is vital to educate young players of the financial realities they will face as professionals. Our financial team will cover budgeting, long and short-term financial planning, different IRS issues faxing professional athletes, retirement structuring, and maximizing value as a NFL athlete.